SAVE, CODE, SHARE! Current EU Copyright Review threatens Free and Open Source Software. Take action now!

Current EU Copyright Review threatens Free and Open Source Software. Take action now to preserve the ability to collaboratively build software online! The P2P Foundation supports the SAVE, CODE, SHARE campaign to defend our Internet sovereignty and digital collaborative spaces. Click here to sign as an individual or organization. The letter below, along with the signatures signatures, will be… Continue reading

Censorship machines are coming: It’s time for the free software community to discover its political clout

Continuing our coverage of the European Parliament’s heinous proposition for filtering uploaded content, Julia Reda writes about the disturbing consequences it could have for FLOSS projects. Julia Reda: Free software development as we know it is under threat by the EU copyright reform plans. The battle on the EU copyright reform proposal continues, centering on the plan to… Continue reading

Sharon Ede on “Cosmo-localisation” in the New Economy

Karun Cowper speaks with urbanist, activist and “Audacities” initiator Sharon Ede on “cosmo-localisation” in the New Economy in Australia and beyond. About Sharon Ede Sharon is an urbanist and activist who works to build the sharing/collaborative movement in Australia and beyond. In 2017, she established AUDAcities, a catalyst for relocalising production of food, energy and fabrication in cities,… Continue reading

New research explores a sharing economy based on ‘cooperation, solidarity, and support’

Darren Sharp: Commercial sharing platforms like Uber and Airbnb have reshaped the transportation and housing sectors in cities and raised challenges for urban policy makers seeking to balance market disruption with community protections. Transformational sharing projects like Shareable’s Sharing Cities Network seek to strengthen the urban commons to address social justice, equity, and sustainability. This article… Continue reading

‘The Third Industrial Revolution’ explores how sharing creates a sustainable world

Ruby Irene Pratka: Call it “An Inconvenient Truth” for the market economy. In “The Third Industrial Revolution,” American economic and social theorist, business school professor, and policy adviser Jeremy Rifkin lays out a bleak vision of a near-future world devastated by climate change, mass extinctions, slow economic growth, and rising levels of extremism and inequality. “This is no… Continue reading