Support Ignite TV! A Commons-oriented viewer-owned station

From Have you ever wondered what it’s like to own a TV Channel? Well, now you can be one of the owners of a new TV channel called Ignite TV. The media has long been controlled by a select few and they have often used this platform irresponsibly and arguably contributed significantly to shaping… Continue reading

There Are Plenty of Alternatives

Below is the opening paragraphs from an article of mine that originally appeared on on August 9, 2017. The full article can be found here: In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s shocking election victory, a shattered Democratic Party and dazed progressives agree on at least one thing: Democrats must replace Republicans in Congress as quickly as possible. As… Continue reading

Koppelting: the great gathering of the commons

De WAR invites you to visit Koppelting, an annual grassroots festival about peer production and free/libre alternatives for society. A week filled with workshops, lectures, demonstrations, and talks about grassroots organisations and peer production. Come and knit with algae. Get acquainted with blockchain. Take part and think about what a peer-to-peer justice system could look… Continue reading

Team Human: Silvia Zuur “Progress through collaboration”   Playing for Team Human today is Silvia Zuur. In 2012, Zuur founded Chalkle to reignite adult education in New Zealand. Today, Zuur serves as a director at Enspiral, a social impact network that builds community driven solutions for a diverse set of issues including education, funding, and cooperative organizing. Enspiral is famously home to Loomio, a cooperative… Continue reading

How Wiki Loves Women is Growing Wikipedia Coverage About Women in Africa

Kristine Wong: Almost everyone who searches for information has used Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia with over 40 million articles (in roughly 300 languages) written and edited by volunteers around the globe. Yet despite the whopping amount of information Wikipedia contains, less than 20 percent of all Wikipedia contributors in 2015 were women, according to the Wikimedia Foundation. But according… Continue reading

Patterns of Commoning: OpenSPIM, A High-Tech Commons for Research and Education

Jacques Paysan:  Scientific and medical research critically depends on being able to observe very small structures that are invisible to the naked eye. Neuroscientists seeking to find cures for injury-induced paralysis, for example, may want to be able to observe the axons of regenerating neurons on coated nanowires. This kind of experiment often requires extremely… Continue reading

Why Use Creative Commons Licenses?

Even though Creative Commons licenses have been around for more than a decade, I am always surprised to learn that many progressive-minded activists, artists and academics – the people who should be most enthusiastic about the licenses – know nothing about them or at least don’t use them. A big welcome, then, to a new… Continue reading

Platform Coops Looking for the Next Steps

Cross-posted from Alexandre Bigot-Verdier, Lieza Dessein and Thomas Doennebrink: The past year has been an exciting one for the platform coop movement. In December 2016, Nathan Schneider launched the “Buy Twitter” campaign. Twitter was for sale and he suggested that its users buy it and to change its legal structure into a cooperative. This would… Continue reading